Welcome to Earth Friendly Greeting Cards!

Go ahead, make someone’s day.

Sending a greeting card is all about making a connection...whether it’s letting someone know you’re thinking of them, congratulating them on winning a new client, showing how much you appreciate their business or a myriad of other reasons. Earth Friendly Greeting Cards has just the right card to express the perfect sentiment.

Introducing our latest line of holiday cards.

There’s no better time to connect with someone important in your business life than during the holiday season. And Earth Friendly Greeting Cards is thrilled to present our newest line of holiday cards. Think about it, are you tired of seeing the same uninteresting, cookie-cutter cards every year? Here’s your chance to be different, to tell all the people on your list how much they mean to you by choosing uniquely crafted holiday cards that say as much about you as they do for you.

Why Earth Friendly Greeting Cards?

You and your company are unlike any other in the world, and so are we. Our designs are one of a kind, compelling, memorable and sure to make your recipient notice that you took the time to select cards of exceptional quality. Our text and quotes are inspiring, certain to provide creative contemplation. What’s more, our cards have color on both the outside and the inside. We’ll also put your color logo on the inside of each card, helping to build your brand.

Go green, help do your part.

As a green company, Earth Friendly Greeting Cards is proud to help preserve the environment for future generations. And when you choose Earth Friendly, you can do something for the environment as well. All our greeting cards are printed on recycled paper and we print digitally, assisting in the effort to conserve natural resources and reduce energy consumption. Plus, we use toner in place of toxic inks. We've even made our catalog a pdf to view and download to your computer!

Get our best prices, right now!

With Earth Friendly Greeting Cards, there’s no need to order by a certain date to get those “fictitious” discounts you may see offered by other greeting card companies. If you have a specific request, let us know and we’ll take care of it. Your business means the world to us, and we’re happy to help you send the very best holiday greetings this year and in many years to come!

Do the unusual this holiday season - send a card that means something...
to you, to those on your holiday list and to the environment.